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96 Gallon Trash Can: A Convenient Way to Take Out the Trash

by Laura

People mostly have small seized garbage cans in their homes, and others use big bags to convey the trash. These dirt-packing methods are great, but what happens when you don’t take out the refuse for days because of rain or personal reasons? The dirt piles up and becomes a huge chore to take it out.

A 96 gallon trash can conveys more dirt and helps you not worry about it for days. So, the stress gets lighter on you even after leaving your debris to pile up. There are many more reasons you need a garbage can with such a large capacity.

How much garbage will 96-gallon trash can contain?

If we’re going to be honest, a 96 gallon trash can is not the biggest trash can in the market, but it’s definitely larger than your regular size trash can. The waste container is large enough to contain about 3,300 pounds of garbage. The size of the garbage container is not the only thing that allows it to hold this much waste. Another attribute of the garbage container that helps it convey about 3,300 pounds of waste is its strength.

Reasons you need a 96 gallon trash can

There are a couple of reasons you need a big trash can. The importance of this waste bin cannot be over-emphasized. Below are a few advantages of the garbage container and reasons you need it.

It contains more waste

This is not rocket science, but with the 96 gallon trash can, you can fit in more dirt. If there is a delay in picking up your trash, you’re certain you wouldn’t have a huge pile of dirt to contend with. Outside home use, a 96-gallon trash container can also come in handy in a workspace environment. If you have lots of litter to dispose of, you’re better off having a large size trash can than having multiple trash cans.

It is easy to take out

You might wonder how such a big bin is easy to take out. Well, the 96 gallon trash can has two tires under it and a strong handle. With these tools, you can easily roll the bin out and empty it into the trash truck. This says a whole lot as it offers lots of convenience during waste disposal. The good thing is that this convenience favors both you and the people disposing of the trash.

It is strong

The trash can is twice as strong as the conventional waste bin. It is thicker, and the production material makes it hard for it to get broken. This means you won’t need to buy the same product over again. Since it is designed to sit outdoors, its production materials are one that can guarantee durability under cold or sunny weather.


When you have a trash can with a 96 gallon capacity, you are sure you can contain about 3,300 pounds of waste in it. It is strong, and its production materials are of good quality. Then, with its fitted tires, the garbage can is easy to roll out regardless of the pounds of trash in it.

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