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Different Metals Used In Car Rims

by Laura

The rims of a car make or break its appearance. A car ride with shiny rims moving down the street makes several heads turn. Rims not only serve this function. But their attention-grabbing ability makes buyers forget how much engine power the vehicle produces.

No doubt, rims add to the vehicle’s beauty, but they also determine how your car moves. Quality rims ensure a smoother drive while poor ones ruin it to misery. Please read below to know what common materials in rims are and why they matter.

Common Metals Used For Rims

The rim’s strength and durability depend upon the material used to construct it. You’ll find 17×3 alloy rims in most cars today. But if you plan to take your wheels on a customization trip, you must know what other materials are there.

Steel Rims

Steel is the most common metal for car rims. You may recognize them by their conservative look. They are undoubtedly strong and last long, but when it comes to that gleam. They lack it.

Steel rims are the most suitable option when you are tight on the budget. They are great for the economy and have the strength that heavy load lifting requires. Therefore, you’ll mostly find these in commercial vehicles that work their days on rough terrains.

Another thing to note is steel wheels is heavier, comparatively. Therefore, your vehicle needs to put in more power to get the required speed. Although these do not have the aesthetic appeal, they look great on suitable vehicles.

Aluminum Rims

Aluminum rims offer an outstanding balance between style and strength. Nowadays, they are a standard pick for aftermarket customizations. Most of the iconic wheels use aluminum because of its lightness and strength. Aluminum rims aren’t as strong as steel wheels, but they can handle everyday activities efficiently.

Moreover, their lightness helps enhance the vehicle’s efficiency as it takes less of the vehicle’s strength to get them rolling. Besides, for a more stylish pick, aluminum wheels work best.

As for the price, aluminum rims are more expensive than steel wheels. They don’t have steel’s strength, but their ability to resist rust makes them matchless. Hence, aluminum wheels outshine the steelies in terms of efficiency, lightness, and good appeal.

Titanium Rims

It has the strength of steel and the anti-rust ability of aluminum. These rims aren’t much more common due to their expensive upfront. Usually, Titanium is present in the wheel’s central hub, whereas carbon steel makes the exterior designs. Hence, you can forge a custom design to your liking. Some enthusiasts like to customize it with other metals to attain the needed strength.


The metal deployed in the construction determines the strength of the car rims. Although, stronger rims last long but they aren’t much fun with a boring appearance. Depending upon your stability and power preferences you can choose a rim accordingly. But if you want a universal pick to stick to, go for the aluminum ones. They provide a good value for money and can handle most jobs.

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