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How Does a Window Regulator work and How to Choose the Right One?

by Laura

To fully understand the working of window regulators, you must know that they come in various designs. Most window regulators are operated through manual means. At the same time, others require specific types of motors for their proper functioning. The whole mechanism of working the how does a window regulator work depends on the specific type you installed in your vehicle.

If you have installed a powered regulator in your car, the motor is activated by pressing a button. The motor starts spinning, which causes a drive mechanism to operate. As a result of this mechanism, the window starts lifting and lowering. The manual system of window regulators usually contains a crank. This crank is mounted on the door of the car window and is composed of a hand-operated handle that is used to rotate the crank.

The drive mechanism of the window regulator is mainly composed of gears. These gears are securely connected to cables, sets of pulleys, rack gears, and lifting assemblies which show a resemblance to scissors. The scissor-like mechanism of the window regulator works by expanding and collapsing. When it is expanded, the window is raised, while the window is lowered when it is collapsed.

Some of the window regulators work on pulley-cable setup; It involves a drive assembly that does the winding and unwinding of a cable along the pulley grooves. The resulting movement causes the lowering and raising of the window glass. On the other hand, a rack gear system uses a pinion for the up-and-down movement of the glass.

There are different parts of window regulators; therefore, they need enough lubrication for proper functioning. The lubrication of the components is done to prevent wear and increase their wear resistance. It also aids in reducing friction between the parts. As a result, the window regulator functions smoothly, and no noise is produced during the operation.

Choosing the right window regulator:

You can choose the right window regulator through the following ways.

  • You must have a complete idea about the model and type of the car. You must also know its manufacturing year. You can only choose the right type of window regulator for your car.
  • You must know the type of window regulator you need for your car. Powered and manual regulators are among the common types. Powered regulators are comfy to use but are often found at a high cost.
  • While choosing a window regulator, make sure to choose it from an authentic brand. Many brands offer window regulators low cost and guarantee a longer lifespan. You can search for different brands to choose the right window regulator.
  • It would help to consider the prices while choosing the right window regulator. Some window regulators may show less functioning even at high prices. You must select a regulator that shows high functioning at reasonable prices.


Window regulators are crucial parts of cars. Different window regulators operate on specific working mechanisms. Understanding these mechanisms can help you to choose the right type of window regulator for your car.

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