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Rambo Knife: Introduction To Survival Knives

by Laura

If you haven’t watched any of the Rambo movies, you’re almost better off not handling a survival knife. Don’t get it wrong; survival knives are a major accessory for soldiers, but it was Rambo, in his movies, that made them popular. Soon enough, everyone wanted a rambo knife in their collection.

Survival knives are designed as a capable tool to help defend yourself and use in unconventional situations. These survival knives have grown beyond a military gadget and are a common choice for hikers and campers looking for a sharp instrument to make cuts.

Uses of a survival knife

These survival knives have multiple uses, especially when outdoors. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Fighting off dangerous animals
  • Opening metal cans
  • Start a campfire
  • Building a shelter
  • Tear off animal skin from bone to cook
  • Dressing injuries

What should you look for in survival knives?

Survival knives help improve your chances of survival. These knives are designed to provide help in situations beyond your control. You wouldn’t want to be caught unawares having a survival knife that cannot deliver and perform when you need it to. So when looking to buy survival knives, try examining these features.


The two main parts of a knife are the blade and handle. The size of a knife is determined by the proportion of each of these parts. A small knife will have a sizable handle and a small blade region. This size is ideal when looking to carve or skin an animal. With this size, you won’t be able to achieve much if you’re looking to do some chopping activity. A knife with a longer blade will be ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Ideally, the size should be about 10 inches.


There are two types of blades featured on knives. Blades are either fixed or foldable. Each type has its advantages and drawbacks but it’s always best to go with a fixed blade. Folding knives are not designed to handle much pressure and may give way when you need it the most. Imagine you’re camping in the woods and a predator is charging at you, you need a knife you’re certain will not collapse and fold on you as you swing it around.

The advantage of folding blades is that they are easy to pack and carry around, since the blades fold neatly into the knives. However, in terms of functionality, always stick with fixed blades.


Survival knives are designed with two major materials. They are either made of stainless or carbon steel. Carbon steel blades are stronger and have better durability but are often susceptible to rust. Regular maintenance is required to keep it sharp and rust-free. Stainless steel will never get rusted but are not guaranteed to handle heavy tasks like carbon steel. Since the major drawback of carbon steel is rust, you may want to stay clear if you’ll be using it close to water.


Survival knives have been an important military equipment for centuries. They have only seen changes in shape and functionality. The most popular survival knife is the Rambo knife, made famous by Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo movies. Before buying your next survival knife, you have to ensure the knife would be able to hold its own when it comes to it. The post highlights important factors that can serve as guide for your next purchase.

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